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A good copywriter is like a magician. With one wave of our pen we make your competition disappear.

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Hi I’m Sankyeat (but you can call me Sank)

I’m the freelance copywriter from London that powers up your marketing and brand identity by writing SEO rich evergreen content.

Your content and emails are the most important factor in appealing to your website visitors. If you fail to hold their attention they will leave your site and go to one of your competitors. So it’s really important to get this right in today’s day and age where people’s attention spans are shorter than Amber Heard’s temper… too soon?

Ascending the ranks of the all mighty Google always seems like a never ending battle. You can automate your lead funnel by running Google Ads to generate leads and it works great – in fact I do this for a lot of my clients – but the problem is that running ads can take a significant portion of your revenue since more than 90% of the people that click on your ad are never going to convert into a lead. And even if they do, not every lead is going to convert into a paying customer. Not to mention, as soon as you stop running the ads the leads stop dripping through your cool new automated funnel.

You can also try running Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – and I do this for clients too – but there is a very big reason why these ads never convert as well as copywriting … the people on these platforms are not actively looking to buy your services. They’re just there to check out pictures of cute little cats, trending memes and delicious food.

This is where copywriting comes in. As a professional freelance copywriter I can create SEO rich content for you – blogs, website copy, emails and sales pages – that will help you ascend the search rankings organically with evergreen content. That means that I will write blogs and emails that will capture your audience’s attention, inflame their desire to learn more about your business and pick you over your competitors. And the best part? you only pay for this content once and can use them to convert leads forever!

Ascending the ranks of the allmighty Google always seems like a never ending battle but it’s one worth fighting. Because when someone searches for the services that you provide, the top 3 Google rankings will get roughly 20% – 50% of all the traffic. This means that you’re competing with hundreds of your competitors for half the customers.

You and I are going to work together to create content that will provide evergreen value and make Google your sweetheart – You provide the honey and I’ll provide the buzz.

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Organic SEO to get in front of your target audience before your competition does. Also creates a brand identity which is priceless.

Google Ads

Generate new leads by driving traffic to your website. These people are actively looking for services you provide but don’t know your business exists. Let’s change that.

Social Media Posts

Instagram and Facebook posts to engage with your leads. This makes them more likely to buy from you or recommend you.

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